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THOR-Plex™ is formulated to naturally improve male health and performance. Benefits may include: energy, harder erections, increased testosterone, improved circulation, potency, stamina, and improved overall well-being.

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As we age, our testosterone levels gradually decline, and we no longer experience the powerful benefits of testosterone in our bodies.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

If you are experiencing a few or more of these symptoms, you may have a problem with low testosterone levels.

  • Decreased sex drive (poor libido).

  • Problem obtaining and maintaining erections.

  • Increased depression.

  • Fatigue (Get tired easily).

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Decline in memory and cognitive skills.

  • Decreased muscle mass and strength.

  • Loss of body hair.

  • Smaller, softer testes.

  • Decreased bone mass that may lead to osteoporosis.

  • Abdominal fat (Pot Belly).

  • Pectoral (Breast) fat.

  • Psychological symptoms: such as swinging mood, depression, anxiety, lack of vitality and sleep problems.

If you feel you have low testosterone, you can talk with your health care provider and he or she may be able to provide you with synthetic testosterone (e.g. cypionate, enanthate,...) shots.  Note, these shots can be costly, dangerous, impractical, and painful.

"Having normal testosterone levels is critical for maintaining
lean muscle mass, sexual potency and cognitive function".
Adrian Dobbs, M.D. (Johns Hopkins University)

A Natural Solution

THOR-Plex™ provides a natural solution to raise your testosterone level and supplies a wealth of other enhancements.

THOR-Plex™ is formulated to naturally improve male health and performance. Benefits may include: energy, harder erections, increased testosterone, improved circulation, potency, stamina, and improved overall well-being.

All-Natural, Additive-Free, Active Ingredients

Most effective ingredients as seen in Men's Health and Fitness Magazines, Television News, and Health and Fitness Books.

THOR-Plex™ is unique formula that is specially designed for optimum results.  Taking ingredient separately does not provide the same benefits and would not be cost effective.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredients

(Benefits are based upon use with each other THOR-Plex™ ingredient - not separate use.)

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: Ginkgo Biloba
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

The Ginkgo is the oldest living tree species and one of the most well researched herbs in the world. Numerous studies have demonstrated the incredible benefits Gingko provides the entire body. It works by increasing blood flow to the brain and organ systems. Ginkgo improves erectile function by increasing circulation and blood flow to the penis. Benefits of improved circulation to the brain include improved memory and increased mental clarity. Gingko may enhance vitality levels, improve circulatory health, relieve tension and stress, elevate mood and restore energy. [Note: Many libido problems are linked to anxiety, stress, and tension.]

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: L- Arginine
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Arginine is the amino acid responsible for the proper release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. As Arginine breaks down, it creates Nitric Oxide or NO. Nitric Oxide increases blood flow and carries nutrients to the muscles promoting muscle growth and increased strength. It also reduces inflammation relieving muscle pain and speeding recovery from exercise. NO is the chemical messenger that produces hard erections by dilating the blood vessels to penile erectile tissue. Nitric Oxide is also used by the immune system to fight viral, bacterial, parasitic infections, and tumors. Arginine also helps to metabolize stored fat and tone muscle tissue.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: L-Glutamine
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. The benefits derived from supplementing with Glutamine are numerous. It helps to repair and build muscle, aids in protein synthesis, increases Growth Hormone levels, restores glycogen, which restores energy and prevents muscle loss. It helps maintain cell hydration, which speeds wound and burn healing, and helps maintain proper blood glucose and pH levels. Glutamine is an important energy source for the nervous system and one of the most important nutrients for the intestinal system. It can help repair "leaky gut" and ulcers. It is also the primary energy source for the immune system, fueling the cells that fight infection. Glutamine is known to help promote male potency.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: Muira Puama
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Muira Puama (also known as Potency Wood) is a shrub native to Brazil, used in South America to increase men's libido and maintain erectile capacity. A recent study at the Institute of Sexology in Paris, France, found Muira Puama to be more effective than Yohimbine for erectile problems. Yohimbine is an alkaloid taken from the bark of the Yohimbe tree and is found in nearly all male enhancement supplements. Yohimbine can produce numerous side effects such as, anxiety, panic attacks, elevations in heart rate and blood pressure, dizziness and headaches. Muira Puama is a safe and effective natural alternative to Yohimbe containing products.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: Tribulus Terrestris
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb more commonly known as "Puncture Vine". Tribulus is grown in various parts of the world and is known for its virilizing effects. It has been used for centuries in Europe to stimulate hormone production (e.g. testosterone, luteinizing hormone…). It is a safe alternative to synthetic steroidal drugs. Clinical studies in Bulgaria, conducted by the Chemical Pharmaceutical Institute, showed improved reproductive functions, including increased testosterone levels and increased sperm production. Tribulus contains important metabolites like flavonoids, alkaloids, and glycosides which have a stimulating effect on the immune system, sexual and reproductive systems, as well as improving muscle building, stamina, strength and endurance.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: Damiana
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Most traditional cultures of the world have herbs with a reputation for increasing libido and promoting male potency, Damiana is one of them. Damiana's reputation as an aphrodisiac is so well known; it is carried into its botanical name: Turnera aphrodisiaca. Alkaloids of the plant seem to have a testosterone-like action. Damiana is a native shrub of North America and Mexico discovered by the Aztecs. It has been used in the US as an aphrodisiac since 1874. It is also used in England, Germany, and Holland for its sexual enhancing qualities and positive effect on the reproductive organs.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: Saw Palmetto
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Saw Palmetto is a small plant native to North America. The berries of the plant have a long standing reputation as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. It has a therapeutic effect on the urinary tract and the prostate. Saw Palmetto helps prevent testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone thought to cause prostate cells to multiply, leading to an enlarged prostate.

THOR-Plex™ Ingredient: Panax Ginseng
[Functions best as a synergistic part of the overall THOR-Plex™ formula.]

Panax Ginseng is the most widely recognized plant used in traditional medicine and is the most famous of the oriental herbs. It has been used effectively for several thousand years. The word panax is derived from the Greek word panacea meaning "all healing". Panax Ginseng normalizes physical functioning depending on the needs of the individual. Its most common use is to increase energy. It is also used to stimulate the immune system, improve performance, enhance memory, and reduce the effects of stress. For centuries, men have used this herb to remedy impotence and improve sexual function.

THOR-Plex™ Benefit Summary

  • increase life-giving blood flow to the brain.

  • memory enhancement.

  • helps circulation.

  • helps male and female libido.

  • increases erection hardness and duration in men.

  • promotes mental clarity.

  • naturally increases growth hormone.

  • helps build muscle.

  • increases endurance.

  • helps protect the prostate.

  • builds immune system (T cells).

  • helps alleviate effects of tension and stress.

  • induces better fat metabolism.

  • promotes male potency.

  • stimulates needed Luetenizing Hormone (LH).

  • increases testosterone.

  • increases sperm production in men.

  • helps lower DHT levels that can cause hair loss.

  • naturally increases energy levels.

  • and more...

THOR-Plex™ is Safer, More Effective, and the Better Choice

  • THOR-Plex™ is all natural.
  • THOR-Plex™ is additive free.
  • THOR-Plex™ is made in the USA.
  • THOR-Plex™ is safe to take regularly.
  • THOR-Plex™ is hormone free.
  • THOR-Plex™ is Yohimbe1 free.
  • THOR-Plex™ is DHEA2 free.
  • THOR-Plex™ is Licorice Root3 free.
  • THOR-Plex™ is alcohol free.
  • THOR-Plex™ is animal safe and friendly.
  • THOR-Plex™ is suitable for vegetarians.
  • THOR-Plex™ is effective for women too.
  • THOR-Plex™ is made with the most safe and effective ingredients.
  • THOR-Plex™ is the best supplement to enhance your appearance, size, strength, and staying power.
  • THOR-Plex™ is very economical - others cost more and are less effective.
  • THOR-Plex™ is encapsulated in vegetable capsules not gelatin or tablets.

1Yohimbe (Yohimbine) can produce side effects that include anxiety, panic attacks, elevations in heart rate and blood pressure, dizziness and headaches in some people. Also, beware that there are some who claim that a product may increase the size of the penis - they are often referring to the affects of Yohimbe on the penis - NOT a permanent increase in actual penis size. This may be used by some to deceptively claim that their product increases penis size, but it is the size of a temporary erection is what is cleverly masked in their information. There are those who believe that Yohimbe may dangerously enlarge the heart too.

2DHEA (supplement) is an exogenous hormone which may suppress natural testosterone production.

3Licorice or Licorice Root can reduce natural testosterone levels, and cause ESTROGEN like hormonal effects.  Do not take if diabetic or have heart troubles.

THOR-Plex™ will do as much and more as any other like supplement on the market.

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The external sex organs of men are the penis and the scrotum. The penis is a sensitive organ important to reproduction and urination and to sexual pleasure. At its tip is the glans, which contains the urethral opening, through which urine passes. The ridge that separates the glans from the body of the penis is called the corona (Latin for “crown”), or coronal ridge. The glans and the corona are the most sensitive parts of the penis. The glans is covered with a foreskin (prepuce) unless the man has been circumcised, in which case the foreskin has been surgically removed.

The penis contains three cylinders of tissue that run parallel to the urethra. During sexual arousal, these tissues become engorged with blood and expand, causing the penis to enlarge and become erect (erection or tumescence). Men do not have a penis bone or a muscle that causes erection, as do some other animals.

The scrotum is a pouch that hangs below the penis and contains the two testes, which produce sperm (the male sex cell responsible for fertilization) and are considered part of the internal genitalia. The testes also are the primary producers of testosterone (male sex hormone) in men. Inside the testes are about 1000 seminiferous tubules that manufacture and store the sperm. The scrotum can pull up closer to the body when the surrounding temperature is low and can drop farther away when the temperature is hot in order to keep the testes at an optimal, constant temperature somewhat lower than body temperature.

After sperm are produced, they move out of the testes and into the epididymes, a long tube coiled against the testes, where the sperm are stored and mature. The vas deferens transports the sperm from the epididymes through the prostate, after which the vas deferens becomes the ejaculatory duct. Here, fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicles (small sacs that hold semen) combine with the sperm to form semen, a thick, yellowish-white fluid. The average discharge of semen, called ejaculate, contains approximately 300 million sperm.


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